Joe Joe Built It

Joe Joe loves good design and masterful execution. He is passionate about quality and ingenuity. The furniture he builds will both excite your aesthetic appreciation in the moment and last for generations to come. He's a skillful craftsman with modern sensibilities. 

Because Joe Joe appreciates great quality wood, cares about the environment, and abhors unnecessary waste, he thoughtfully plans each piece to maximize the natural beauty and utility of his materials while minimizing squander. He begins by selecting wood to match both color and grain then builds his furniture in adherence with strict construction standards. To guarantee that each piece is as pleasing to touch as it is to view, he repeats the hand sanding and finishing steps until the surface is exceptionally smooth. Joe Joe is committed to using only non-toxic finishes that won't adversely effect the health of you or your family. Finally, Joe Joe utilizes the "scrap" wood pieces, which other wood shops might toss or burn, to build mosaic, striated, or simply patterned butcher blocks, cutting boards, and counter tops of uncommon visual interest.

While he looks to his materials for inspiration, Joe Joe looks to you for the specifics. He stocks several versatile pieces but understands that many homes and lifestyles have unique requirements that necessitate adaptive design and custom work. 

Joe Joe has worked for fine woodworking shops in Seattle and Vancouver for almost twenty years and has been independently operating Joe Joe Built It since 2007.